Heat And Air Conditioning Repair

Indicators that You Need Heat and Air Conditioning Repair

If you suspect that your HVAC system is not functioning as it used to when you installed it, it might be the high time you hired a professional heat and air conditioning repair service. Most people have HVAC systems installed in their homes and workplaces to ensure that they enjoy comfort and perform their duties without dealing with harsh weather that can be due to extreme temperatures. When the systems function properly, people are delighted while living in these spaces. However, when these systems start failing, living in them becomes stressful. It is therefore important that you know when you should consider scheduling maintenance or repair of your HVAC system.

Cold spots within your home

You want your indoor environment to be warm and comfortable for you and your family throughout the day and even at night. However, you might notice that during a cold season, some parts of your indoor space are not warm the way they should be. If you have sections in your home that are always cold even when you try to crank up your thermostat, this can be an indication that your heating system is failing. In that case, you should consider hiring an expert to repair your heating and air conditioning system.


If you have flu, always feeling cold and an endless sneezing, the explanation might lie with your heat and air conditioning system. When a quality heating and cooling system is functioning properly its filters will always clean out particles like pollen and dust which are commonly found in the air. This ensures that your indoor environment has clean air without these particles. However, you should consider hiring professional heat and air conditioning repair service when you notice that there is dust all over the house. This is because dust in a room is an indication that the heat and air conditioning system is not filtering air and this could be the cause of endless allergies as well as respiratory tract problems.

Unusual sounds

Modern HVAC systems have a mechanism for absorbing sound completely. This means that you should not hear any sound from the system that you install in your home. It should heat and cool your home in silence. However, older systems produce whooshing sound, though the sound should be soft. Once you hear a ticking or screeching sound from your system, it is the high time you sought professional assistance because it means that the system has a problem.

Increased energy bills

Perhaps, this is a major indicator of a problem in the heating and air conditioning system. If you notice a more than 30% increase in energy bills without having installed a new appliance, you should consider enlisting a service of an expert to check your system. This is because when the system has a problem; it has to run for more hours to ensure that your indoor temperatures are regulated the way you want. This implies that the system will consume more electricity increasing your monthly bills.

These are the major indicators that you should enlist a professional heat and air conditioning repair service. It is advisable that you contact a professional sooner to have the problem resolved on time.

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